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Hi, we’re Grey Cherry. We are two individuals, passionate about furniture, interiors and design, who came together over 6 years ago to see if we can sell some bespoke kitchens.  We think we’ve done O.K so far, take a look at our portfolio. Collectively we have over 25 years of experience and we are now more passionate than ever to create happy homes, where kitchens are designed to suit your needs, style & personality!


We would love to tell an amazing story about how our name came to be, such as, whilst brainstorming ideas, a grey cherry just fell out of the sky and landed on our meeting table (in middle of the pub) or because we chose the name because there are no grey cherries, and we are like no other. But honestly, we noticed that a lot of successful companies at the time were named after fruits, (Apple, Mango, Blackberry, Orange, the list goes on) So we wanted a piece of that action too :) … and the ‘Grey’ you ask, well that was just because!

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